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Jute Products

There are lots of varieties of jute products are made in the world. However, Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, France, Australia and some other countries make major parts of jute products in the world. Following are some typical jute products manufactured worldwide:

Jute Yarn & Twine

Jute yarn, twine, ropes, strings, cords, braids are used in all the countries because of low cost and being environment friendly.

Jute Cloths/Fabrics

Jute Fabrics, jute hessian cloths, burlap cloths, hessian sheets, carpet backing cloths (CBC/CBS), sacking cloths, scrim fabrics for soil erosion control, geotextiles/geo-textiles, geo soil savers, jute mesh/net etc.

Jute Bags

Jute grain bags, corn sacks, wheat sacks, coffee bags, cocoa bean bags, shelled nuts bags, gunny bags, sand bags, cement bags, flour bags, sugar bags, cotton/wool packs, D. W. nitrate bags, onion/potato bags, shoe bags, hessien bags, burlap bags, jute shopping bags, jute wine bottle bags, laminated jute bags, jute beach bags, jute promotional bags, printed jute bag, corporate gift bags, poly coated jute bags, designer jute bags, jute hand bags, jute tote bags, jute grocery bags, etc. are some types of jute bags. A. Twill Jute Bags, B. Twill Jute Bags, Binola Jute Bags, Hydrocarbon Free Food Grade Sugar Twill Jute Bags, Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) Jute Bags etc. are generally made with particular specifications and standards.

Jute Wedge Espadrilles/Sandals/Slippers

"Espadrille" is a French word which means Sandal and it is called "Alpargata" in Spanish. Espadrilles made with jute braid (rope) soles were first popular in Spain. But due to high labor and establishment costs in Europe, espadrilles are now mostly made in Bangladesh. Since quality of jute produced in Bangladesh is the best in the world, espadrilles made in Bangladesh are the most popular. Because natural bright white color of jute is an important design issue while making high-end espadrilles which is not possible for other countries to achieve without importing high quality raw jute from Bangladesh. Jute rope wedges or heels are sometimes imported by European manufacturers to make their own uppers. Beach sandals or slippers made of jute is also very popular in North America, Canada and Europe. Cheap or low cost Basic Espadrilles are widely used in a casual manner comparing expensive Fashion Espadrilles made with genuine leather uppers. See also Glossary of Espadrille for more information.

Jute Carpets & Floorings

Jute carpets, jute matting or mats are now widely used as office and home appliance in every country in the world.

Jute Sweaters

Jute sweaters are revolutionary product of the century! Less than the cost of acrylic (synthetic) sweaters, jute sweaters just feel soft like real sheep woolen sweaters. The product is pioneered by Cotheeka to be introduced in the world market to change the horizon of the whole Sweater Industry of the world.

Other Jute Products

Jute felts, webbings, belts, canvas, jute rugs, quilts, wall hangings and handicrafts are some other popular jute products.


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