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Glossary of Jute

Botanical name of Jute [(joot) n.] is Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius which is a natural fiber obtained from jute plants that falls into Linden family. Jute is called "Yute" in Spanish. Jute is long, strong and typically golden in color that has many uses in the world. Flax, Ramie, Hemp and Kenaf are fibers similar to Jute and comparable to Cotton as plant hairs and Sisal as leaf fiber. Jute is a highly hygroscope natural fiber.

Jute plants grow 2-3 m in height with a 1-2 cm diameter stalk. Jute is harvested in the rainy season in Bangladesh and grows best in a warm and humid climate. Jute plants are cut and composed first into water and then extracted from the stalk for drying and further processing to make various jute products like jute yarn & twine, jute hessian/burlap cloths & bags, jute sacking cloths for jute sacks and bags, gunny bags, carpet backing cloths, jute mesh, geo-textiles, scrim fabrics for soil erosion control, carpets, rugs and other diversified modern jute goods like espadrille shoes, fashion bags etc. Jute sacks are very popular worldwide for packaging agriculture commodities like rice, wheat, corn, coffee, cocoa beans and other grains. Food grade jute bags for packing sugar, salt, flour etc. are also available. Cement bags and D.W. Nitrate bags have its own popularity.

Bangladesh produces 90% jute of the world. Bangla White and Bangla Tossa are two main categories of raw jute. Each category has sub-categories graded by quality of raw jute. Jute harvested in Bangladesh are highest in quality regarding strength as well as the richest in color and brightness.

Jute is also harvested in some other places in the world like India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Spain and Australia to some extents. Being environment friendly jute products are very much popular worldwide.






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